Hotel Orologio Ferrara

Ferrara, wonderful city, which was declared world heritage by the U.N.E.S.C.O., rich in art and history, strikes the visitors who go there for the first time as being discreetly charming and for the beauty of the historical palaces that characterize the historical center of the city. Surrounded by a timeless and enigmatic atmosphere, Ferrara is the perfect place to spend a weekend of art and culture without neglecting the treasures of the local food and wine of which the pumpkin Cappellacci is the most renowned speciality.

On a human scale, as evidenced by the myriad of bicycles that throng the streets of the center, the city can be the starting point of trips out to the shores of Ferrara and the charming village of Comacchio and its valley, and the abbey of Pomposa that arose towards the VII century along the Romea road. Not to be missed: The Estense Castle, Diamonds palace, the cathedral, Schifanoia palace, Casa Romei, Ludovico il Moro palace, the circle of ancient walls, where we find the Hotel Orologio.

Hotel Orologio Ferrara follows the Italian hotel tradition for more than 20 years where the innovations and services of the last generation make our structure one of the most renowned of the city.
It is located near the historical centre of the city, offering comfort and prestige at international level. All this, thanks to a careful and refined planning and to an exclusive, careful and professional service. A warm welcome and nice courtesy will keep you company during your stay.

Hotel Orologio Ferrara was thought to insure comfort and service QUALITY. The ATMOSPHERE you breathe in it has the flavour of a good memory. The softened welcome of our rooms, the comfortableness of our “queen-size” beds, the wide spaces in the rooms, the private terraces and our gorgeous breakfast, are the requisites to win esteem and sympathy.

It was thought to offer a proper welcome in parallel with the tourist, cultural and economic growth of Ferrara, wonderful city, which was declared world heritage by the U.N.E.S.C.O.

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